Bimba Manufacturing is a forward-thinking innovator of actuation technology, providing cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges. Bimba is recognized as a market leader for stainless steel body cylinders, air cylinders, rotary actuators, linear thrusters, rod-less cylinders, flow control and position-sensing cylinders. Learn more about our world class capabilities at www.Bimba.com.

The driving force behind these products is a commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s a dedication to deliver more solutions, in more sizes, with superior delivery performance. To help achieve this objective, we are introducing this e-Commerce application allowing you to place orders over the Web 24X7.

If you know the part number you wish to order, you can begin ordering by clicking on the "Add Item to Cart" tab above. If you do not know the part number, or need custom product, you can explain your application need as free format text.
You can also utilize our industry leading Part Number Configurator application to help design your solution. The product you configure can be added to your shopping cart.
Other tools include an extensive Online Catalog and search facilities off our www.Bimba.com site.
If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact Bimba Customer Service via e-mail or phone. Bimba also has 65 authorized distributors in North American and 70 internationally that can provide you custom, expert assistance.
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